Indoor shooting range

Shooting And Stress Relief

Everyone has their own ways of de-stressing after a long day, and it’s vital for our overall well being that we all have constructive hobbies and practices that provide stress relief. Shooting is a favorite past time of many people around the country, and it can be an effective way to relieve stress, as well […]

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Gunsmith cleaning pistol

When To Take Your Gun To A Gunsmith

If you have any experience in using guns regularly, then you’re bound to have come across a time when a firearm your using has needed repairing or replacing. Before you rush off and get your gun replaced it’s worth seeing if the gun can be fixed, and that’s where a gunsmith comes in. Like any […]

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Gun Range

How To Properly Aim A Pistol

If you’ve never used a pistol before then, it’s worth learning how to aim it properly before doing so. Even if you’ve shot a pistol a few times, it can never hurt to get a refresher on how to aim a pistol correctly.  In this article, we’ll take a look at the best and safest […]

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Gun Safety For Children

What Your Kids Should Know About Gun Safety

Gun safety is something that every firearm owner should be aware of. There’s always a chance of an accident happening when you’re dealing with a firearm, and knowing proper gun safety can minimize the chances of an accident occurring.  The next generation of gun owners must be taught how to use a firearm safely from […]

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How Often Should I Visit A Shooting Range?

Visiting the shooting range is always a fun activity. How many times you should visit depends on how seriously you take your shooting. Like any skill, the more you practice, the better you get. If you want to get better at shooting, then you’ll want to consider going more frequently. If you’re going to keep […]

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Shooting range protective gear

What To Wear To A Shooting Range

Trips to the shooting range are always an exciting time. Getting your gun ready and cleaned, your ammo packed and ensuring your eye and ear protection is present and correct are all important parts of the process of getting prepared for a day at the range. After your safety gear is ready, you’ll want to […]

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Shooting Range

How Shooting Can Relieve Stress

According to a recent poll, US citizens are amongst the most stressed people in the world. For anyone who finds it hard to unwind after a heavy day then we have to say that this information probably won’t come as too much of a surprise.  So if you’re one of the millions searching for a […]

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Shooting Headgear 2019

Best Shooting Headgear In 2019

There are a few essential factors to consider before buying headgear for shooting in 2019. The sound of gunfire can affect your hearing and can partially deafen you if you’re not wearing suitable ear protection. So it’s imperative when you’re looking for new headgear that you can consider the safety rating of the headgear and […]

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APC9 Semi Automatic handgun

All About B&T’s APC9 Semi-Automatic Handgun

Over the past few years, the U.S Army has been scouting out the best weapons to enhance the firepower of personal security operatives. In 2018, they set forth a competition to allow gunmakers to enter their gun models as entries. Manufacturers in the competition included renown companies like Global Ordinance, Shield Arms, and Trident Rifles. […]

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Gun range

How To Properly Shoot A Gun

As we all know, handling a firearm is not only a huge responsibility, it’s also fairly difficult during your first few sessions at the shooting range. If it’s not your stance you’ve been getting wrong, it may be your alignment, grip, or trigger pull that’s getting in the way of your bullseye. While no one […]

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