Class 3

We have a large section of class 3 weapons and a silencer for any gun you can think of. We carry Surefire, Advanced Armament, Silencerco, AWC, and Gemtech. We also have SBR’s from LWRC, LMT, Knights Armament, Kriss USA, HK, FN, Benelli and many more.

We have a large selection of Machine guns as well, and can make your dream gun come true. We specialize in assault rifles at the Delray Shooting Center. If they don’t make what you want we probably can…

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Machine Guns

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1928Auto-Ord 1928 Thompson transferable. This weapon comes with extra mags and case. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
M1Auto-Ord M1 Thompson Transferable. This weapon comes with one mag. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
Ac556Ruger AC556. Transferable This gun is LNIB comes with the original box and extra mags. LNIBCALL FOR PRICE
valmetValmet 76. Transferable Gun is in perfect shape comes with the box three mags and original paperwork. This comes with 3 factory mags which are hard to come by. LNIBCALL FOR PRICE
norincoNorinco AK-47 Transferable fixed stock with folding bayonet. Great shape. SoldCALL FOR PRICE
mp5kHK MP5K Transferable This is a Flemming sear gun. It is in perfect shape it comes with an HK folding stock and one mag. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
hk53HK 53A3 Transferable This is a HK53 A3. This gun has a Knights rail setup on it and an AAC flashhidder. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
hkmp5HK MP5A3 Transferable This gun is in great shape its a registered receiver with a F stock. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
augSteyr Aug A3 Transferable This is a registered receiver that has a custom one off Bbl and muzzle break. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
megam16Mega Arms M16 Post sample This is an example of what we can do with your exsiting AR or M16, this baby has it all. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
 uziUzi Transferable This is a NIB Vector uzi with a transferable bolt. NIBCALL FOR PRICE
AK 47Norinco AK-47 Transferable This is a real nice underfolder with blonde wood. Its also been shortened.EXCCALL FOR PRICE
M16M16 This is a post sample built by Delray Shooting Center. We can make your dream gun come true. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
M161M16 This is another post sample we built as a demo. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
FirearmsPolytech AK47- This is a underfolder conversion that we had turned into a Krink. It was done using an unissued Krink kit by one of the best Ak builders on the planet. This is truly awesome. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
FirearmsNorinco Ak47- This is an original fixed stock Ak47 it comes with extra mags and an original bayonet. The finish is in great shape as is the wood. Come check it out and more just like it. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
MG 9529MP5 SD w/Suppressor Transferable. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
MG 9515MP5 Transferable with collapsible stock and utility rail.EXCCALL FOR PRICE
MG 9509AK47 Underfolder Transferable. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
MG 9472AK47 Underfolder SBR Transferable.EXCCALL FOR PRICE


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REPRLWRC REPR SBR 12.7"-This is a SBR REPR with a 12.7" BBl. Its shown with a 6x Trijicon Acog, LMT 40MM grenade launcher & an AAC 762SDN6.NIBCALL FOR PRICE
HKG36CHK UMP- We just got in a new batch of these. They come with one 30rnd mag. NIBCALL FOR PRICE
SCARFN SCAR 16S SBR- This is a FN scar that we sent out and had cut down the right way. This is the way the rifle was meant to look. This one is displayed with the matching Surefire556 silencer and the tan eotech setup. NIBCALL FOR PRICE
LWRCLWRC M6A2- This is a 10.5" SBR we have these in different colors and models. We carry everything they make and its in stock. Once you buy there is no waiting 6 months to shoot. At our store you can shoot it the day you pay for it. NIBCALL FOR PRICE
 benellim4Benelli M4 Entry - This is a factory 14.5" bbl with Side armor top rail and extra round holder.NIBCALL FOR PRICE
NoveskeNoveske CQB 10.5" rifle- This one is setup with the Vltor vis and has the optional switchblock. It's pictured with an AAC M4 2000 and aimpoint Comp M2. This is an awesome setup.NIBCALL FOR PRICE
serbuSerbu Super Shorty- These are built using Remington 870 12ga hosts. They have a 6.5" bbl and hold 3 shots. This is the ultimate in close quarter defense. NIBCALL FOR PRICE
SBRB&T TP9-This is a swiss made factory SBR. These are awesome. Its shown with the B&T Rotex silencer and a mini Trijicon Acog.NIBCALL FOR PRICE
SBRH&K G36c- We just got these in these are very rare. This is the shorter C model which are not around. Displayed with a Aimpoint Comp M4s and AAC M4 2000 This is a must see.NIBCALL FOR PRICE
SBRKRISS VECTOR SBR- This is a factory made Vector sbr .45 These things are sweet!!! They have no recoil, and can be outfitted with a silencer and flashlight making it perfect for home defense. NIBCALL FOR PRICE
SBRStoeger Double Defense SBS Coach Gun- We make these here and have many different configs as far as no stock or color combos. Call for more details. NIBCALL FOR PRICE
SBRLWRC M6A2 SPR- This one has a 14.5" bbl. It is FDE with FDE furniture this is a very sharp looking setup. The gun has an AAC 51tooth flash hider so you can slap on your silencer. It is displayed with the new FDE Elcan.NIBCALL FOR PRICE
SBRWilson Combat Scatter Gun -This is the professional model this one has every option that you can order. It has been vang Comped, ghost ring night sights, surefire light, mesa side saddle, Knoxx stock and its FDE. Perfect for home defense. NIBCALL FOR PRICE
SBRBravo 18 SBS- This is a custom Bravo 18 SBS 12ga built on a saiga platform. They build a sweet gun but the wait is very long. We have them in stock and ready to own... It is shown with the matching Surefire vert grip light.NIBCALL FOR PRICE
SBRFNH SCAR HEAVY 17- This one was cut down the proper way by tornado technologies. It has been engraved beautifully and had the gas port opened for reliability. It is displayed with the amazing Leupold MK8CQBSS scope and a surefire M900LT. It is also sporting a Surefire 762SS can. This is a must have.NIBCALL FOR PRICE
SBRNoveske Rifleworks Diplomat- This is a 7.5" bbl version sporting the pig flashhider. This one is made with the Vltor VIS upper which is very sexy. We have them setup in all different BBL lengths.NIBCALL FOR PRICE
SBRGlock/Roni- This is a Glock 17 in a CAA Roni Chasis system. If you already own a glock or similar handgun you can install it in a chasis system and turn it into a compact SBR system. NIBCALL FOR PRICE
MG 9427LWRC PSD Gas Piston 8.5" SBR 5.56mm. A combination of submachine gun size with a battle rifle cartridge!NIBCALL FOR PRICE
MG 9438LWRC UCIW 7" SBR 5.56mm. With a custom made buffer tube, the UCIW is only 22" in length!NIBCALL FOR PRICE
MG 9451LWRC REPR 12.7" Gas Piston 7.62mm SBR. NIBCALL FOR PRICE

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