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1928Auto-Ord 1928 Thompson transferable. This weapon comes with extra mags and case. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
M1Auto-Ord M1 Thompson Transferable. This weapon comes with one mag. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
Ac556Ruger AC556. Transferable This gun is LNIB comes with the original box and extra mags. LNIBCALL FOR PRICE
valmetValmet 76. Transferable Gun is in perfect shape comes with the box three mags and original paperwork. This comes with 3 factory mags which are hard to come by. LNIBCALL FOR PRICE
norincoNorinco AK-47 Transferable fixed stock with folding bayonet. Great shape. SoldCALL FOR PRICE
mp5kHK MP5K Transferable This is a Flemming sear gun. It is in perfect shape it comes with an HK folding stock and one mag. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
hk53HK 53A3 Transferable This is a HK53 A3. This gun has a Knights rail setup on it and an AAC flashhidder. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
hkmp5HK MP5A3 Transferable This gun is in great shape its a registered receiver with a F stock. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
augSteyr Aug A3 Transferable This is a registered receiver that has a custom one off Bbl and muzzle break. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
megam16Mega Arms M16 Post sample This is an example of what we can do with your exsiting AR or M16, this baby has it all. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
 uziUzi Transferable This is a NIB Vector uzi with a transferable bolt. NIBCALL FOR PRICE
AK 47Norinco AK-47 Transferable This is a real nice underfolder with blonde wood. Its also been shortened.EXCCALL FOR PRICE
M16M16 This is a post sample built by Delray Shooting Center. We can make your dream gun come true. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
M161M16 This is another post sample we built as a demo. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
FirearmsPolytech AK47- This is a underfolder conversion that we had turned into a Krink. It was done using an unissued Krink kit by one of the best Ak builders on the planet. This is truly awesome. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
FirearmsNorinco Ak47- This is an original fixed stock Ak47 it comes with extra mags and an original bayonet. The finish is in great shape as is the wood. Come check it out and more just like it. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
MG 9529MP5 SD w/Suppressor Transferable. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
MG 9515MP5 Transferable with collapsible stock and utility rail.EXCCALL FOR PRICE
MG 9509AK47 Underfolder Transferable. EXCCALL FOR PRICE
MG 9472AK47 Underfolder SBR Transferable.EXCCALL FOR PRICE